Posted on Fri, Aug 22, 2014 @ 13:08 PM

yvonne wigginsYvonne spent two years teaching in an elementary classroom, so she knows firsthand that children thrive when their learning environment is enhanced with technology. Unfortunately though, many schools don’t have the specialization or skillset to harness this technology.

“Schools really want to infuse technology into the curriculum,” she explains, “but most teachers just don’t have proper training to do this.”

Yvonne admits that although she loves technology and it has always been a subject of interest, “Not being able utilize technology was one of my handicaps as a teacher.” This is precisely why she applied to Marygrove’s online M.Ed. program. “The program is good for teachers, but it’s great for people who want to help design programs and curriculum, too.”

For Yvonne, the fact that the curriculum is entirely web-based also offers the flexibility and (perhaps paradoxically) the structurethat rivals that of the traditional classroom: “The online platform layout allows you to do your work whenever you can. And everything is clearly laid out by sessions.” In other words, “all of the work—along with the outcomes—is planned for each week and established from the minute you log on. There are templates, rubrics and examples for everything,” she explains, so you never have to guess what the teacher is looking for. For example, “If you have to do something in power point, there’s an example you can reference” as you put together your own work.

Being online also means that Yvonne can be somewhere elseand still have access to her coursework. She can also actively engage with her peers’ blogs and class discussions while she and her peers are in the environment that is conducive to them. “People need certain environments to learn in, even if it’s the park, for instance. I listen to music while I work and you can’t do that in a classroom,” she laughs.

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