5 Online Fundraising Sites - Fund Students' Academic Success

Posted on Wed, Aug 22, 2012 @ 14:08 PM

chalkboard with dollar signHas there ever been a time when teachers haven't spent their own money on their classrooms? Probably not.  But in the era of slashed budgets where teachers are voluntarily cutting their pay in order to save colleagues' jobs, teachers naturally have less money available to spend on classroom resources. That's where online fundraising sites come in.

Online Fundraising Sites - Fund Students' Academic Success

Online fundraising sites have been around for a while. They were originally used to help people raise money for charity, but now they're used for all kinds of things—starting businesses, paying vet bills, building inventions, and yes—raising money for the noble cause of education.

While some sites fundraise for any cause under the sun, others are specifically designed for education.  Here is a list to get you started in funding your own classroom causes.  Whether you need school supplies, technology, or would love to take your students on an incredible field trip, we have faith that one of these sites will be just the ticket for meeting your classroom's needs.

5 Online Fundraising Sites for Educators

    One of the most striking features on the site is the little shopping cart icon in the upper right, called the "Giving Cart."  People who visit don't shop, they give.  They can peruse the list of requests from teachers all across the nation and purchase supplies, or donate funds to various educational causes. Some of the causes are featured; others are divided by subject matter, so donors can give to the causes that inspire them most.
    With, you register your classroom and write about the things you need for your students and/or the classroom.  Donors can search by location, school, teacher, etc.  Both you and your students can tell people to donate to their class or create a Facebook account—whatever it takes to get people to your website who will adopt your class.

    Paypal offers an online fundraising platform that can be linked to your social network.  When you sign up for online fundraising with PayPal, you can easily set up your account to announce your cause, accept credit card donations, and use their Partner Tools to reach out to other fundraising sites. The donated money will go directly into your PayPal account for you to use online and buy the supplies you need.

  4. offers another platform for you to state your cause and begin collecting donations. It allows you to  set up a simple page, state your cause, and connect to Facebook and other social networking sites to get your message across faster.

  5. may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other sites, but it does allow donors to make the smallest of donations—even as low as 25 cents—in the idea that every little bit helps. For classrooms, nothing could be more true.  With the amazing sales and online deals that teachers can find for things like construction paper, glue, scissors, etc., it doesn't take much to make a big difference.

Don't lose heart if this year's financial situation seems bleak. There are thousands of people who want to help teachers and students get what they need. Online fundraising sites provide the platform for you to enrich the educational lives of students.


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