5 Interactive Map Generator Apps for Teachers

Posted on Wed, Sep 12, 2012 @ 09:09 AM

Canada Crayon DrawingArtistically challenged? Tired of looking at hand-drawn maps that barely resemble their topographical subject?

Perhaps it’s time to re-energize and refocus your students—and yourself—with Interactive Map Generator Apps for teachers.

If you haven't delved into the realms of "Apps for Teachers" there has never been a better time. Infographics are one of the most useful and fun apps for teachers and students. They help to capture the attention of those visual learners and your students will be inspired to up the ante on their own presentations.

Several Infographic Generator sites have excellent map generators, allowing you and your students to present accurate, colorful, and data-rich visuals of the places you are studying.

5 Interactive Map Generator Apps for Educators

  1. Build A Map. Put away the ruler and tracing paper because Build A Map is here to spare those of us who are lacking in the artistic know-how of cartographers. This site claims there is no programming or techy talents needed.  With simple clicks and mouse drags, you can put together an educational infographic map to be proud of. They also offer a wealth of access to data, making the work even easier. You can Click Here to peek at some of their examples.

  2. Flowing Data.  While maps aren't the only thing they do at Flowing Data, they offer some cool versions of map making infographic tools. For example, check out these tutorials.  You can use diffusion-based cartograms to make data-specific map distortions. Or you can create fun neon colored topographic maps. It does cost $25 per year—but at only $2.10 per month, the map making tools are worth it.

  3. Tableau Public.  This site is extra special because not only does Tableau Public have easy-to-use tools for creating interesting and interactive maps, it also allows you to publish them on the web. What a great idea for student projects, long-distance learning or home school coop situations. For example, Professor Kosara, at UNC, and his students put together this interactive infographic map depicting global climate change for all the world to see. What cumulative project could you and your students create to help educate the world?

  4. Stat Planet.  We mentioned Stat Planet in our blog, 5 Infographic Generator Apps Every Teacher Should Know About. It was a 1st Prize winner of the World Bank Apps for Development contest for a reason.  It is a very easy interface to use. Like Tableau Public, it also allows you to easily post your work on the web. To see some stunning examples, Click Here.

  5. Map Maker Interactive.  We will leave you with a most time honored tradition in the realm of stunning global visuals: National Geographic's Map Maker Interactive. This program is very simple but very effective.  There are a variety of maps to use as the foundation. You can use various themes, such as Water Systems or Socio-political systems, to begin tailoring the data you want to communicate visually.

Apps for educators offer one more way to bring technology into the classroom and make life easier for you and your students. The more you learn about using infographics in the classroom, the more you will continue to do so.  You will have the attention of students who usually zone out when an adult is talking, and provide a tool for the less-artistically inclined to create presentations they can be proud of.

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