20 Infographic Sites to Enhance Your Classroom

Posted on Wed, Sep 26, 2012 @ 12:09 PM

infographic wordleThanks to the Internet, anyone with a cell phone can not only find, but disseminate information to anywherefrom anywhere—in the world within seconds.

Most of us would agree that having unlimited access to free information is a good thing, but I, for one, am on information overload—and whether or not they know it, so are many of our students. As teachers, we must successfully negotiate theory and information with our students and show them how to put these concepts into practice. But in order for this to happen, we need to help them break down complicated concepts so that they are digestible, not simply “memorizable.”

For those of us that are visually oriented, infographics are a fine solution to this information overload or what infographic guru and TED lecturer David McCandless calls, “info glut.” Why? They help us visualize information, detect patterns, make connections and breakdown complex ideas in a way that tells a story. An added bonus is that they allow us to focus only on the information that is important. It doesn’t hurt that they look pretty cool, too.  

We’ve blogged about free infographic generators to help you enhance your lectures and supplement your classroom activities, but since you’re busy (as all teachers are), we thought we’d share 20 of our favorite infographic databases where you can browse and download FREE, user-created graphics related to just about anything you can imagine.

20 Infographic Sites to Enhance Your Classroom

  1. Amazing Infographics
  2. Cloud Infographics
  3. Daily Infographic
  4. Infographicas
  5. Infographics Archive
  6. Infographics Bin
  7. Infographic Database
  8. Infographics Inspiration
  9. Infographics Online Directory
  10. Infographic Journal
  11. The Infographics Showcase 
  12. Infographic Post
  13. Infographr
  14. Latest Infographics
  15. Love Infographics
  16. OMGInfographics
  17. Submit Infographics
  18. The Infographics
  19. Video Infographic

For a more comprehensive listing of databases, click here.


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