Technology for Teachers: 5 Free Documentary Sites

Posted on Tue, Oct 16, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

We're fans of FREE technology for teachers. We’re also big fans of documentaries—and so are our students. Documentaries entertain us; they also move, inspire and educate us while giving teachers a new medium that will enhance their curriculum. Although we mentioned a few documentary websites in our most recent free downloadable guide, Surfing for Substance: 50 No-Nonsense, No-Fluff Websites and Apps for Teachers, we thought we’d turn you on to five more sites where you can stream free documentaries. You may find some of the same documentaries on different sites, but we still recommend visiting each site. Why? Each one features a unique top 10 (or top 100) list of the most popular documentaries, so you’ll always be exposed to fresh material from one site to the next.

Technology for Teachers: 5 Free Documentary Sites

films for Action
FFA has cataloged over 900 of the best films and videos that can be watched free online. Unlike some sites, you’ll never have to worry about broken links on FFA. Their library is constantly growing and they also feature daily independent news, and a practical "Take Action" section to help users find ways to make a positive impact. Browse 42 special coverage areas that cover a range of topics from human and animal rights, media literacy, economics, education, politics, peak oil and the list goes on and on.

Documentary TubeDocumentary Tube
We like FFA because it has twice as many categories as Documentary Tube. But what makes DT unique is that they welcome user-created documentaries. Submissions are reviewed by the websites editors to see if it is something that would be appropriate for the site. Another bonus: Users can register for updates and have new documentaries sent to their feed reader via RSS feeds.

Free Documentaries Online
Although the content on FDO is still diverse, science-philes should stop by here first. If FDO doesn’t have the documentary you are looking for, email them; they welcome suggestions.

2 Honorable Mentions  (click on the icon to visit the site)
Documentary Stream
Documentary Storm






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