5 reasons HR professionals aren’t attracting the ideal candidate

Posted on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 @ 14:06 PM

HR professionalThanks to job boards and social-networking sites, HR professionals have nearly limitless access to new talent. Ironically, the tools that were supposed to help us find the right people have in fact complicated it. While we’re not suggesting that HR professionals completely abandon sites like Monster, Career Builder, or social-networking sites, we do want to point out five reasons why they might not be the best way to help you attract the ideal candidate.

5 reasons HR professionals aren’t attracting the ideal candidate

Candidates can’t cut through the clutter to find you
Career Builder and Monster list hundreds of thousands of jobs. Unless you know your way around SEO best practices, your job vacancy is likely to end up on page 59 of 60 where no one is going to find you. Because job boards are so cluttered, more and more savvy candidates are skipping them; instead, they’re looking to Google to help them find possible openings. If you want to be found, ensure that:

  • job openings are prominently featured on the company website
  • job descriptions use key words and phrases that candidates are looking for

Candidates who are short on time are turned off by your company website
Job boards often use dreadful drop-down menus that force candidates to resort to generic job descriptions that have little to do with their specialization. So instead of wasting their valuable time, qualified candidates (again) have started perusing company sites.

But if candidates have to make more than a couple of clicks to find your job postings or find that your website is outdated or looks like it was designed by the SEO’s ten-year-old grandson, chances are that they’re going to move on.

Your ads are generic
A great deal of job descriptions are little more than a laundry list of required skills and qualifications. Inject a little moxie into your job descriptions—and for goodness sakes, make sure that they are current, that they reflect the company culture, and that they actually compel qualified candidates to look at them.

You don’t know who your ads are attracting
Competitive companies use online marketing and research to better understand their customers (both current and potential). This means that they know who is browsing their site and engaging with their content. Likewise, HR professionals should know who their job postings are attracting. Where are these candidates coming from? Where did they find the posting? Did they begin applying but abandoned ship a third of the way through the process? This is invaluable information. Gather it and use it to your advantage.

Applying for the job is time consuming
How many hoops do candidates have to jump through in order to apply? Many job boards require users to register for an account, activate it, create a profile, upload and reformat their resume before they can even start looking for your posting. Many qualified candidates don’t have time for this. Make applying for the position as straightforward as possible.

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