Teaching students to reimagine their mistakes

Posted on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 13:09 PM

empowering studentsThink about the last time you tried something new. You were probably confused, frustrated, and embarrassed about your blunders despite the fact that they were the reason you eventually progressed!

Like most of us, our students fear error, but we want to help your students see mistakes in a new light. To get the conversation started, we thought we’d share a couple of our favorite videos.

TED Talks featuring Diana Laufenberg (10:38)
In this 10-minute video, Diana Laufenberg shares three surprising things she has learned about teaching, including a key insight about learning from mistakes. The entire video is worth watching, but if you’re short on time, skip ahead to the six-minute mark.


Learning from your Mistakes (2:51)
This video features brief interviews with designers from some of the most successful and respected corporations out there: Apple, Adobe, eBay. Each interviewee has a unique perspective, but they all share a common conclusion: Failure and mistakes increase your odds of succeeding.


If you’re looking for more resources on how learning happens, we highly recommend Larry Ferlazzo’s blog. He has an entire section devoted to articles and videos on this subject.



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