5 of the Best Interactive Maps for Social Studies Teachers

Posted on Wed, Feb 05, 2014 @ 13:02 PM

Remember those old pull-down maps you’d find fastened to the chalkboard?Some of you may still have them, but from the looks of it, most schools have gone digital and started listing these relics on eBay. We love the look of old-school maps, but with so many cool interactive maps at our fingertips, we haven’t missed them for a minute. Below you’ll find five of our favorite places to browse interactive maps.

5 of the Best Interactive Maps for History and Social Studies Teachers

Interactive MapWorldology
Want to view the history of Europe from 900 BC to present or click your way around a map to find detailed information about each country and those who settled it? Then Worldology should be your first stop.

In addition to their map of European history, Worldology has also produced an interactive map of Iraqi history and a series of substantial history articles to accompany it.

interactive map social studies teacherIf It Were My home
This a “country-comparison” tool that allows users to compare living conditions in one country to those in another. The site also gives you the ability to visualize the impact of natural disasters. Right now users can only view the BP Oil Spill or the Pakistan Flood, but we presume that this portion of the site is still a work in progress.  

Map Fight
There’s nothing fancy about Map Fight, but if you’re looking for a simple country (or state) comparison tool, this is where you should go.

interactive maps history teachersThe Map as History
Here you’ll find animated historical maps with an accompanying narrative presentation. A good chunk of the website’s catalogue is only viewable with a subscription—which will run you $54.90/year—but you can still view plenty of free maps including:

The Evolving Greek World
Athenian Democracy

From the Founding of Rome to the Downfall of the Empire

The First Christian Communities (1st century)

The Circumference of the Earth and the Route Towards the West

Magellan’s Voyage 1519-1522

Interactive Map of Africa

interactive map history teachersInteractive Map of Africa
This one comes from the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History. Here you’ll find information about African:

Political boundaries
Trans-Saharan trade

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