10 Things Every Great Manager Should Do

Posted on Wed, Mar 05, 2014 @ 12:03 PM

great managerLast week, I shared a few management misnomers from Linda Hill and Kent Lineback’s book, Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader. Like I said, I never like pointing out problems without offering solutions, so this week I’m sharing 10 things every great manager should do. These tips have been adapted from Adrienne Fox’s recent SHRM article, “Help Managers Shine.”

10 Things Every Great Manager Should Do

  • Engage people and motivate them through hope instead of fear

  • Collaborate with people outside your network and use the strengths of individuals to elevate the entire team

  • Possess both trustworthiness and authoritativeness. Although you may technically have authority through your title, this power is merely titular. If you don’t have trust from subordinates, you may be able to coerce them into doing things, but you won’t be able to influence them. Furthermore, you may have earned trust from your subordinates by being their “friend,” but that doesn’t make you authoritative. To the point: you need both trust and authority to become a great manager

  • Identify the people you need to accomplish your team’s purpose and build relationships with them before you need them. This takes time, but think of it as a future investment

  • Ensure that your team is working collectively for a purpose that each individual member is committed to

  • Stop and reflect before making big decisions. Give yourself at least 10 uninterrupted seconds to consider how a decision is going to help you manage yourself, your network and your team

  • Know that respect is earned—not given

  • Know that it’s not about you. A manager’s success is determined by how well he or she develops, how well his or her employees perform, and how well the manager prepares employees for the next opportunity

  • Communicate clearly and articulate expectations from the outset

  • Have fun. Management is a tough business; it requires stamina and concentration. The best leaders are those who have a great sense of humor and never let a day go by without laughing
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