Enhance your collaborative learning techniques. Plant a Pearltree.

Posted on Tue, Apr 23, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

collaborative learning techniquesClick on the bookmark tab in your Internet browser. Is there any rhyme or reason to it? If you’re like us, it’s a mess of random webpages. Some of the bookmarks are mislabeled, some we haven’t checked in over a year—and when we want to find the sites we actually visit, we have to start excavating.

Enhance your collaborative learning techniques. Plant a Pearltree.

Pearltrees is a new visual bookmarking tool that makes organizing your webpage shortcuts intuitive and orderly. It also makes it easy to connect and browse web-content curated by other educators.

Why is it called Pearltree?collaborative learning two.jpg
A “pearl” is just another name for a visual link to your favorite websites. Click on your “pearl” to see a screenshot of the webpage; click again and you’ll be routed there.

After you add your “pearls,” you can move them around your visual map (your “Pearltree”) and organize them however you want.

Pearltree also allows you to sync your account with Facebook, Twitter, email, or your own personal blog. This is ideal for collaborative learning projects; it’s also useful for teachers who want to share course content with their students.

If you’re looking for a few more apps to help you stay organized—or even apps to help enhance your collaborative learning techniques—check out our guide, Surfing for Substance: 50 No-Nonsense, No-Fluff Websites and Apps for Educators

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