Garbology Helps Students Think About Waste and “Going Green”

Posted on Thu, Mar 06, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

garbolologyThe “green” movement is certainly one we can get behind, but what does “going green” really mean and why should we care about it? Garbology is a fun, interactive website that asks students to consider such questions.

Most students know that they should “reuse, recycle, and compost,” but do they know how to do these things, or why it is important to reduce the waste we put in landfills?

Garbology’s lesson plans and interactive games will teach students everything from packing a “waste-less lunch” to composting and building a worm bin!

Below are a few lesson plans and activities you’ll find on the site. We also recommend that your students check out My Garbology, an interactive game that teaches students all about waste and how to reduce it.

Garbology lessons
Compost in a Bag – Grades 3-5 (PDF)
Compost Tag – Grades K-5 (PDF)
I Want It! I Need It! – Grades 7-12 (PDF)
It's a Wrap! – Grades 3-6 (PDF)
Let's Build a Worm Bin! – Grades K-5 (PDF)

Garbology fact sheets
Composting With the FBI (PDF)
Composting With the FBI – Spanish (PDF)
The Dirt on Composting (PDF)
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (PDF)
What Are Natural Resources? (PDF)

If you’re looking for lessons to pair with the resources you find on Garbology, you might be interested in one of our guides, How to Make Earth Day Relevant to Students.




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