2 More Infographic Generator Apps Every Teacher Should Know About

Posted on Tue, Nov 12, 2013 @ 14:11 PM

Infographics are an awesome way to conjoin technology, visualization, teaching, and learning.  But how do those of us who are “artistically challenged” or don’t know HTML create them? Enter "Infographic Generator,” please.

2 More Infographic Generator Apps Every Teacher Should Know About

infographic generator 1Piktochart
Within five minutes of logging onto Piktochart, we were able to drag and drop our way to a surprisingly sleek looking infographic.  

Here’s what you’ll get with a free account:

  • A choice of seven different background themes
  • Access to 14 unique chart styles
  • The option of uploading 10 of your own images
  • The ability to customize colors, fonts and icons
  • Useful tools that allow you to rotate objects, alter layers and opacity, and resize icons
  • Ability to save your infographic as a PNG image file
  • Ability to embed videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo

infographic generator 2Infogram
Infogram is a worthy mention, but it isn’t entirely unique. Beyond the fact that we always love having options, we mention it for another reason: It has an impressive database of charts and graph styles that you won’t find on Piktochart.

In addition to standard chart styles (pie and line graphs) you’ll find elsewhere, Infogram gives you a choice of 25 other styles including word clouds, tree maps, hierarchical and bubble maps.

If you're looking for more infographic generator apps, check out two of our recent blogs, 5 Infographic Generator Apps Every Teacher Should Know About and 20 Infographic Sites to Enhance Your Classroom.


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