Kinetic Sand is Ideal for Any Play-Based Classroom

Posted on Tue, Oct 01, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

play based classroomHaving a sandbox in your play-based classroom always seems like a good idea in theory—you could use it to help your students build their fine motor skills, or incorporate the sandbox into your writing lessons by hanging letters on the wall so that students could practice writing the letters in the sand.

Like we said, it sounds great in theory, but then visions of sand spills, sand fights and sand in the eyes snaps you back to reality. If only someone would invent sand that didn’t create a mess. Ladies and gents, this day has come thanks to Waba Fun, a company that produces something called Kinetic Sand.

Like real sand, Kinetic Sand is mushy and malleable, but unlike the real stuff, it’s mess-free and never dries out. A secret binding agent keeps the granules together, so you won't find sand dunes settling around your classroom once playtime is over.

We’ll be straight with you though: Kinetic Sand will cost you more than a drive to your local beach with a bucket. For 11 pounds of it, be prepared to “shell” out $44.95.



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