This May Be of Pinterest for Teachers

Posted on Wed, Jul 11, 2012 @ 10:07 AM

Keep Calm and Pin It If you're an educator and you’d like to stop spending your time combing your hard drive, rifling through photocopies or sprucing up your disheveled file cabinets, read on—we’re going to tell you about Pinterest for teachers.

As with any web-based search engine, Pinterest allows you to narrow your searches by subject, age, materials or another variable and locate resources and activities that other teachers are using in their own classrooms.

Once you start finding these ideas, it's your call as to how to organize them. You can create your own boards for pinning and then you’ll have the ability to organize by season, subject or whatever else works for you. Then all you need to do is simply pull up your Pinterest boards while planning your lessons.

Children in the primary grades are often interested in hands-on activities. Pinterest for teachers has thousands of ideas for hands-on projects relating to plants and animals, physical science, art concepts, interactive math ideas, to name a few. Pinterest also contains many activity ideas to engage older students in learning activities in all subjects.

Remember, educators, you are not alone and you can't possibly do it all. There are thousands of great ideas out there, so put your egos aside and grab them. We all want what's best for kids, and we're all striving to find the best methods and activities to reach them. Pinterest for teachers is a tool that helps educators unite, share and succeed.

At Marygrove College, we provide educators, teachers, professionals and administrators with the knowledge and practical ability to keep up with an ever expanding array of technology resources. Technology is rapidly changing—we want to help you stay current. If you are interested in successfully integrating educational technology into your school or classroom, learn more about Marygrove College’s online Master of Education in Educational Technology program!

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