5 of the Best Interactives for Beginning Readers

Posted on Wed, Feb 19, 2014 @ 09:02 AM

beginning readersLearning to read is a lot of work, but “work” is the last thing we want our students to associate with reading! The funny thing about interactives and reading animation games is that when students are using them, they really are working hard—they just don’t know it!

If you’re looking for a few ways to engage your beginning readers and make reading fun for them, check out the five websites below. 

5 of the Best Interactives for Beginning Readers

Raz-Kids houses over 400 eBooks—many of which are in Spanish—reading quizzes and an online dashboard where teachers can track test scores and gauge their students’ reading beginning readerscomprehension skills.

Raz-Kids isn’t free, but at $99 a year, you won’t have to refinance the house for a subscription either. If you want to try before you buy, you’re welcome to give Raz-Kids a try for seven days at no cost.

beginning readersClifford Interactive Storybooks has taken our favorite, oversized canine and made him interactive. Choose from a free collection of stories, interactive whiteboard activities, teacher guides and lesson plans.  
beginning readers
CBeebies has over 90 interactive stories for beginning readers. Everything on the site, including a large collection of educational games, songs, radio channels and TV shows, is completely free.

beginning readersStarfall has been around since 2002 and specializes in teaching children to read with phonics. The content is free and specifically targets preschool through second grade students, English language learners (ELL) and special education students.

beginning readersLiteractive is an excellent resource for beginning readers, especially pre-school through first-grade students. Here you’ll find a collection of guided readers, comprehensive phonic activities and a wealth of supplemental reading materials. Everything on the site is free with registration.

Stay tuned! Next week, we’ll share five more of our favorite interactives for beginning readers.

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