5 of the most overlooked recruiting strategies

Posted on Thu, Jan 17, 2013 @ 15:01 PM

hiring strategiesEventually, most of us will have to go through the process of hiring a new employee. Knowing the policies, procedures and best recruiting strategies for finding the right candidate is important for several reasons. One is that it lays the ground work and paves the path that the employee will follow for the rest of his or her time with the company. To help you find your ideal candidate and avoid making a hiring blunder, we’re offering 5 dos and don’ts to get you on your way.

5 of the most overlooked recruiting strategies

Do plan ahead before you post the job
There are innumerable web-based recruitment websites and then there’s social media sites, too. Presuming that the Internet is a part of your recruitment strategy, the first thing you’ll want to do is review your company website. Most candidates worth their salt will peruse your website before they come to the interview. While you review your site, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does our website capture the culture and values of the company?
  • Is it easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the eye?
  • Does it contain outdated material or is it missing information all together?
  • Does it give employees an overview of open positions and how to apply?

You might even consider putting together video shorts where current employees talk about their experience at your company. This will give prospective employees a far more authentic peek through the company’s walls.

Don’t simply post your job on Monster or Careerbuilder—this isn’t a recruitment strategy
Why? Because these websites are completely oversaturated. Remember, Monster and Careerbuilder aren’t the only venue for finding candidates. There’s also social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. True, there was a time when the average Facebook users were teens and college students. Not anymore. These days, it is a hotbed for marketing your product and company; it’s also the perfect venue for finding prospective employees. How do you use Facebook to find your ideal candidate? Try this:

  • Start a company page
  • Garner a following by developing relationships with users. Don’t talk at them though. Instead, ask them questions and invite them to comment on your products. Welcome their feedback and find out who is passionate about your product.
  • Hold contests and product giveaways: tell readers if they share your post that they will be automatically entered into your contest for a chance to win fill in the blank here.
  • Post videos of employee interviews
  • Show viewers what your company is all about. What makes you unique? What are your values?

Do start a company blog
Five years ago, Technorati, a blog trafficking firm, estimated that every day, 175,000 new blogs and more than 1.6 million blog updates make their online appearance. That doesn’t even include the 63.2 million blogs already out there. Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon, but it is certainly a popular one. We’ve never been fans of following the masses, but we do recommend that you jump on this wagon. Why?

  • It’s an easy way for your company to directly engage with clients, prospective clients and employees. Talk about your company, your products, and as with social media sites like Facebook, invite readers to comment and critique
  • Blogs make your company feel much more human because you will be having ongoing conversations with readers
  • Blogs are a cheap way to extend the reach of your company far beyond tangible borders

Don’t forget about LinkedIn!
You’ve started blogging and engaging with folks on Facebook. Now head over to LinkedIn and you’ll see what you’ve been missing: It’s sort of like a Facebook, but for professionals and a lot of them, 175 million to be exact! There is lots of information on how to prepare your business page, create a network and post positions. We recommend that you check our Ryan Pinkham’s article, “How LinkedIn Can Help You Find Your Next Great Employee” to get you started.

Do network with business contacts
Everyone loves bandying around the word “network,” but there’s a reason for it: It’s perhaps the most effective way to find candidates. Ask around. Do your employees or hiring managers know folks working in similar positions at another company? Do those friends of friends of friends know anyone who is qualified and interested in the position? Contact your clients and ask the same questions.


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