10 Ways Principals Can Show Teachers Appreciation

Posted on Wed, Dec 18, 2013 @ 14:12 PM

teacher appreciationLike all holidays, Teacher Appreciation Day/Week officially comes once a year. While most teachers will graciously accept any appreciation they can get—even if it’s only once a week or once a year—we’d like to share a few simple ways that you can start recognizing teachers throughout the year.  

10 Ways Principals Can Show Teachers Appreciation

  • If you live in a part of the country that gets snow, head out to the parking lot before school ends and brush the snow off your teachers’ cars. There’s no need to tell teachers about your act of kindness; they’ll figure it out by process of elimination.

  • Send positive emails and send them often. These don’t have to be lengthy for them to be meaningful. A quick sentence will do.

  • Reward teachers who go above and beyond by volunteering to cover their classes for the day. This should be treated as a “day off.” That means no grading papers or prepping!

  • Instead of giving teachers the entire day off, give teachers the choice of having an administrator cover two classes for the day.  

  • Find parent volunteers and start a “secret committee.” Every month this group will either prepare or serve surprise lunches for teachers.

  • Brag about your teachers’ accomplishments in newsletters, staff meetings and presentations to parents.

  • When other teachers, students or parents say something kind about a teacher, let that teacher know.

  • Here’s a suggestion from one of our Edmodo friends, Mrs. Pratt: During the next professional development event, order lunch and cover the tables with white butcher/bulletin board paper. Before teachers arrive, write personal notes about every one of them on the paper with crayon or marker.

    As the teachers arrive, give them time to walk around the tables and read all of the wonderful things you and the vice principal have said about them all.

  • Start having your meetings in a different classroom every week. It may surprise you how little time your teachers have spent in each other’s classrooms. Not only does this make for a nice change of scenery, it gives teachers the opportunity to “brag” about their own classrooms or activities.


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