5 Time Management Apps Educators Can't Live Without

Posted on Thu, Dec 13, 2012 @ 14:12 PM

Teachers and administrators often preach "The Importance of Time Management Skills" when speaking with students and parents. So doesn't it make you (the preacher) cringe when you arrive late for a meeting, request a last-minute extension on a paperwork deadline, or have to admit, "I'm sorry. I forgot..."  We hope that one—or more—of these time management apps will make your daily grind a little more smooth.

5 Time Matime management appsnagement Apps Educators Can't Live Without

  1. Mail App. Did you forgo your iPad Mail app thinking, "Why have one more app? I'll use the web browser..." If so, you're missing out on some critical features that will make your life significantly easier when you're away from your desk. If you are pretty tech-savvy, you can check your own desktop computer's server address and account settings. Otherwise, make an appointment with a district tech guru to help you set it up. This will allow you access multiple email accounts in one place and look up contacts wherever you are so your email system remains streamlined between your iPad and your office computer.
  2. OmniFocus. Okay, so we are all in the market for things that are FREE or cheap, and OmniFocus is neither; it's $40. Hold on for second though! Just think about the last time you really messed up due to poor time management. Wouldn't you have gladly handed over two crisp $20s to rewind and get it right? Fans of OmniFocus would say the $40 is well worth it. This time management app lets you make a list of things to do but takes it to more intelligent levels by organizing it in a holistic way. You begin by entering tasks into the "Inbox," add a few extra details, and OmniFocus will help organize/prioritize the rest for you.
  3. Things. If you aren't interested in making the OmniFocus investment, you can check out Things. At half the price of OmniFoucus, Things has half the visual glitz and glam BUT - that simplicity may be just what you need. OmniFocus can have a steep learning curve and might be too much for someone who isn't super gadget savvy. Things makes everything simpler, especially if you constantly need to change and reschedule your tasks. Plus, Things now allows you to sync your "things" across all of your devices which makes it an even more competitive time management app.
  4. Evernote. Even a file cabinet on wheels is cumbersome to drag around on a daily basis and yet sometimes we all wish we could do just that. Evernote is one of the best time management apps of all because it keeps organized files of any references, resources, and things-you-want-to remember in the palm of your hand. You can copy/paste, type, import, or add photo and video resources. You choose how they are filed and, because it can read text (even the text on a sign you took a picture of), it can search things for you as well.
  5. InstaPaper. You come across a great article online, you don't have time to read it, you guiltily print it out, still never read it, and end up recycling it. Sound familiar? InstaPaper allows you to download "things-to-read" so you can call them up later - while waiting in line, or sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store. The text is easy on the eyes and you can keep up with the inspirational readings you come across without the paper waste/clutter.

These 5 time management apps will help streamline your professional life and finally allow you to practice what you preach! You will become a model of time management for students and staff.


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