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Posted on Fri, Jul 27, 2012 @ 09:07 AM

Getting PaidA new agency client contacted you for translation or interpreting work. If the client didn't come through a referral from a colleague (which means the colleague also told you about them, the pros and cons), how can you check if they are reliable and trustworthy to pay you after you deliver the work?

There are multiple available resources on the Web to help. Databases, mailing lists, groups, you name it. Most of us only know and use a couple of those resources, but just in case you want more feedback on an agency, here is a collection of the resources (paid or free) that you can use online.

Payment Practices
The Payment Practices™ online database is the successor to Payment Practices list (PP list) on Yahoo Groups, which started on December 21, 1999.

The database contains information on 10205 translation agencies and clients worldwide, 6720 total responses and 2072 comments on those companies. Agencies are rated by the responses of freelancer translators: the PP Reliability Score (PPR Score™) shows the translation agency's reliability in terms of on-time payments; the Translator Approval (TA Score™) is assigned to each response based on the freelance translator's willingness to work with that agency again.

Twitter: @paymentpractice

Facebook: Payment Practices

Linkedin: Payment Practices

Fee: $19.99 (€14.99 for EU) annually

ATA member discount: 25% off subscription rate and free 7-day trial

Blue Board - Proz
Database with over 17,000 records and more than 92,000 feedback entries from translators, searchable by country or name.

Fee: Free for paying Proz members. Non-members can see a record for either $0.50 or 50 browniz points.

Translation agencies business practices

Closed Linkedin group which started on December 16, 2008. 4,305 members

Fee: Free (members only)

The Black and White List - GoTranslators

Fee: Free (members only)

Hall of Fame & Shame - TranslatorsCafé
Fee: Free for paying members

The TCR List (Translator Client Review List)

Translators discuss payment experiences with different agencies and companies they have worked with, as well as other related topics.

Fee: $12 annually


Google Groups, no fee

Yahoo groups in English

Translation Agency Payment

1,070 members, started on March 17, 2002. Fee: Free

World Payment Practices Free (WPPF)

1,616 members, started on March 30, 2002. Fee: Free

Translation Payments Who When What

543 members, started on August 3, 2008. Fee: Free

Translation agencies

1,267 members, started on July 23, 1999. Fee: Free

Yahoo groups in languages other than English

zahlungspraxis (German)

2,321 members, started on September 8, 2001. Fee: Free

TradPayeur (French)

528 members, started on November 24, 2001. Fee: Free

Betaalmoraal (Dutch)

395 members, started on January 7, 2001. Fee: Free

Any other online resources that you know and use? Let us know in the Comments below so we can add them to the list.


Book: The Prosperous Translator | Advice from Fire Ant & Worker Bee

Payment practice groups for translators

Payment Practices Tools In The Translation World

Further reading

Agency rating lists

"Ensuring Payment" presentation by Ted Wozniak at the 2006 ATA Conference

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