Honorificabil—huh?: 5 Vocabulary-Building Apps

Posted on Wed, Jan 30, 2013 @ 09:01 AM

You may be teaching younger students or preparing high schoolers for the SAT. One thing’s for sure: Regardless of whom you are teaching vocabulary building is an essential part of every teacher's job! And if we do it right, we can help students foster an appreciation for the importance of lifelong vocabulary development. These five vocabulary building apps are a wonderful way to bring technology, engaged learning, and just plain fun into you classroom on a regular basis.

Honorificabil—huh?: 5 Vocabulary-Building Apps

vocabulary building appsProfessorWord
 This is a great tool for students of any age and stage of language development. Download ProfessorWord on your classroom computer(s); run it whenever you bring up a website on the classroom projector and voila! Any time you run across a vocabulary word students don't understand, simply click on the word and view the definition.

vocabulary building apps2Lingro
This program is a fantastic ESL tool for native Spanish speakers or native English speakers learning Spanish. Access the Lingro website, type in the URL you want to visit, and Lingro will make every word on that site "clickable," allowing students access to instant Spanish translations. Students can collaborate, look back at recent words, and more.

vocabulary building apps3Brain Blaze Root Words
Understanding root words is one of the most powerful tools a student can hone to suss out the meanings of unfamiliar words. Brain Blaze Word Roots Flashcards is an interactive app for students to test their root word knowledge solo, in pairs, or in groups. We can see a multitude of classroom game possibilities too.

vocabulary building apps4Word Root of the Day
While we're on the subject of root words, we love this site that would provide a great way to start the day in any English class. Word Root of the Day is one of the most visually attractive, informative, interactive, and interesting platforms to see how roots help "grow" our words. Your students will look forward to each day's new root.

vocabulary building apps5.pngMindSnacks SAT Vocab
This app wasn't called one of the Best Learning Apps of 2011 for nothin’. Did you ever think the words "Fun" and "SAT Vocabulary building" could go together? We didn't either until we found the SAT Vocab - Mindsnacks app. Your students will get addicted—and this is one technology addiction we can fully support.

Try these new apps out on your students and see what they think. We suspect that your vocabulary building lesson plans will be even more effective when you use engaging tools your students can use both at school and at home.


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Start building vocabulary with these 5 interactive websites and apps

Posted on Thu, Nov 15, 2012 @ 12:11 PM

building vocabulary with iPadsWe’ve all experienced the frustration of having a brilliant, ten-thousand-dollar idea and then stammering because we couldn’t conjure up the right word(s) to articulate it. Even worse than that is having to admit that we never knew the word we were looking for in the first place! You may pride yourself as a wordsmith, but be honest, this has happened to you—and it certainly happens to our students. Make stammering history and start your students’ vocabulary building routine with these 5 FREE (or nearly free) websites and apps:

5 vocabulary building websites and apps

Chicktionary (FREE)
This game is too cute for its own good—that is, until you misspell a word and experience the roosters’ curmudgeonly squawk.

As you may have guessed, it’s a chicken-themed spelling and vocabulary-building game and this one is truly a physical experience. Unscramble a “roost” of letters and create as many words as you can in as little time as possible. Spell your word and tap on it to reveal the definition. Not satisfied with your choices? Shake your iPad to shuffle the letters and get a “farm-fresh” look at your word options.

The Opposites (FREE for a limited time period)
This vocabulary building app will work for anyone between the ages of seven and seventeen. The Opposites asks students to match up pairs of opposing words in increasingly difficult levels. It starts easy enough, but gradually introduces your students to more challenging and ambiguous word combinations. Eventually they’ll be working with stranger and more esoteric pairings from biology, economics, medicine and poetry. Included is a customized, user-friendly dictionary designed specifically for the game. (FREE)
With more than 100,000 multiple-choice questions and an intuitive system that refines word choice and grows with your students, vocabulary building is a cinch. Got a question wrong? No problem, the system will take note of it and schedule review and progress questions. Are your students preparing for the SAT exam? Are they reading The Life of Pi or studying The Emancipation Proclamation?  How about one of President Obama’s press conferences? No problem, has a rotating section where users can create and share their own vocab lists.

Weird Word of the Day (FREE)
We were going to try to introduce this app in a witty way, but alas, they beat us to it: “Sometimes when I'm riding in my telega, and I come to a quadrivial, I get out my peirameter for a bit of stradometrical fun. Is this mazy description giving you a scotoma? Maybe you should download this free app and mundify the situation.”

This app contains over 15,000 new weird words, which should—if our math is right—cover you for the next 41.096 years.

Word a Day Visuals and Audio ($.99)
Say “vocabulary building” and watch your students’ faces sour. Pull out your iPad, say “Word a Day Visuals and Audio” and stop the groaning once and for all. This app uses funny illustrations, word scrambles, news items and audio content to help your students build and retain their vocabulary.

Download our FREE guide:  50 No-Nonsense, No Fluff Apps for Teachers

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