5 YouTube Shortcuts Every Teacher Needs to Know

Posted on Tue, Feb 05, 2013 @ 10:02 AM

youtube shortcutsYouTube has been blacklisted by many schools. Some reasons for this are more legitimate than others, but even if you’re one of the lucky ones with access to the site, you’ll want to ensure that your students’ YouTube experience is safe for them and easy for you. You may think of yourself as a star-studded YouTuber (we thought we were too), but something tells us that you’ve never heard of these lesser known YouTube shortcuts and safety tips.

Declutter your viewing experience
You can control the videos you pull up, but you can’t control the random content YouTube recommends in the margins any more than you can control the comments users leave at the bottom of the screen. Not only are these distracting, they’re often inappropriate, especially for younger students. The good news is that if you download A Cleaner Internet app, you’ll be able to declutter your viewing experience so that it looks like this:

youtube shortcuts2


And not like this:

 youtube shortcuts3

Cut to the chase
Tired of searching through long videos for the five second clip you actually wanted to see? We feel for you. Here’s a simple solution: Let’s say you want to link to a section of video that starts at 7 minutes and 2 seconds? No problem, simply add #t=07m02s to the end of the video’s URL.

Keep in mind that the #t= as well as the letters “m” and “s” will always need to appear in the URL. So if you want to link to a section starting at 3 minutes and 8 seconds, your URL will look like this: #t=03m08s  

YouTube Editor
If you’re looking for an intuitive, no-hassle platform for editing your videos, YouTube actually has one built into the site. Now you can combine videos, trim and rotate clips, add text effects or music and even insert transitions.  

Change the size and resolution of videos
It’s great when you can show full-screen videos, but often we come across useful clips that are too pixilated to show in full screen. In addition to the "full screen" option, there’s also a lesser-known viewing window that's larger than the standard size, but does not fill the entire screen.

Simply select the mid-size viewing option (a square icon) on the bottom right of the video window and adjust the resolution by hitting the resolution count (360p, 480p, etc).

Keyboard shortcuts
This doesn’t directly relate to Internet safety, but knowing keyboard shortcuts will prove to be useful. Simply click on the video with your mouse to enable the keyboard. Now you can tap on the spacebar to start and stop videos and use the left and right arrows to rewind and fast forward. Additionally, the up and down arrows can be used to control the volume, and “Home” and “End” will take you to the beginning or end of the video, respectively.

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